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Download Festival 2014

If anyone is planning to go to Download Festival and hasn’t got their ticket yet, drop me a message and I’ll give you a code for £10 off xD

I’m a bit of a hoarder and a perpetual collector of pretty pointless things that I, for some reason, find myself attached to. So we took some of those things and went to the stores and bought a bunch of items that felt like they might have been part of somebody’s story, and we took them back to my folks’ house in Grand Rapids. We cleared out a whole room in their house and we spent some time arranging these objects and taking pictures, partly to document the process but also trying to delve deeper and get myself out of that funk. I remember my mom came home and asked me if I was making a shrine to someone. It felt like this odd grieving process for something, for someone. So the initial impulse of that song was the same as the initial impulse for the whole record, which was picking up and moving things and thinking about friends I had and didn’t have and relationships I’d been in and no longer was in and family members and whatever else. But I couldn’t stop thinking about that day seeing pictures of these random animal statues and photographs and all these weird things we’d just bought or dug out of the attic. It felt like an appropriate way to conclude everything. Because it’s a record about moving on – or if not moving on, learning to re-appropriate these things and incorporate your past into your present and then into your future, instead of just completely throwing it away or always being at odds with it.
Jordan Dreyer // Objects In Space (via laa-dispute)
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